Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Do the Titans Need In the Draft?

Every year football fans gather around their televisions to see how their team will improve its roster. Many will be disappointed with their team's choice while others will rejoice at a potential revamping of a bad season. From the biggest event to figure out absolutely nothing (NFL Combine) to the closest thing you can get to hearing "touchdown" in April will be the draft.

Last season the Titans took Jake Locker with the 8th overall selection. He has shown promise but so did the last #10. We won't really know how good he is until he holds a Lombardi trophy over his head.

The Titans need help on defense. The Titans need help on defense. That isn't a typo I just cannot stress that enough. The team ranked 18th in total defense, 24th in run defense, 14th in pass, but was in the leauge's top 10 in fewst points allowed. The team truly had a "bend but don't break" mentality last season. That needs to change on a team that the leading sack leader was a rookie(Klug with 7) and Jason McCorty lead the team in interceptions with only two.

The Titans don't need any help on offense, at least not to waste a high pick. Kenny Britt had a good season until his injury and I'd expect him to have a great season. He is one of the better receivers in the game that people don't know about. If you don't beleive me check his stats. Jared Cook had a beast breakout year and teams will have a hard time matchin his speed ;only Vernon Davis of the 49ers has run a faster 40-yard-dash at the TE position. With all the peices of the offense together on the feild at the same time they should put up points. (Oh, almost forgot) CJ2K will have to come with his "A++" game this season. After that holdout and then barely crack 1,000 yards on the season, I definetly expect a great season from him.

So, the glaring holes are in the defensive line and the secondary. The Titans have made it clear they don't want(but they need) the services of Cortland Finnegan. but there are not any d-backs that should be taken with the 20th overall selection in my opinion. With that being said there are two DEs that should be available at that pick: Whitney Mercilus and Nick Perry.

Whitney Mercilus is a big 260-pound guy that at times showed some speed around the corner. He ran a 4.68 in the 40 and showed some decent explosion the only downfall is that he doesn't have that "it" factor.

Now, Nick Perry is a grown man that does not take plays off. Ran a 4.64 in the forty and benched 225 pound 35 times. It will be a push for the Titans to take him, but if I made the decisions I would takem him in a second. He has a motor similar to Dave Ball. He just continues to fly to the ball.

But you take a look and see what you think........

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