Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Peyton? Good News!

Peyton Manning has decided to become a Denver Bronco. Tennesseeans are angry, Miami is down on their luck, and San Fransisco looks confused. The only difference between the Titans and the others is that Tennessee didn't really need the services of Peyton to begin with. Okay, okay before you start to think I'm crazy let me explain.

We have Jake Locker, a 1st round pick who last year threw 6 touchdowns and no interceptions. In another year he will be the starter for the team. He is moblie and can avoid contact with his above average speed. And lastly we know what to expect out of him.

Matt Hasselbeck completed 61 percent of his passes and threw 4 more touchdowns that interceptions. True they are not the best numbers but with a return of Kenny Britt, those numbers should improve. And again we know what to expect out of him.

Peyton Manning has had 4 neck surgeries all in the last year. He received about 92 million from Denver so it's safe to say he was shooting a little higher. Now, Bud Adams never pays anyone and its safe to safe he is not a good gambling man. Steve McNair, Eddie George, Jevon Kearse(in his prime), and Frank Wychek all wanted to re-sign with the Titans and they never did. Peyton comes on the market and he wants to throw the whole bank at him. I guess poor Bud became so infatuated with the numbers he put on his team that he wanted to buy success like the Yankees.

It is true that IF Peyton returns to good health he is going to be a great player. He will take the Broncos to the playoffs every year in the weak AFC West and have a real chance at the Super Bowl every year. This all only happens if he is healthy and can take a hit because everyone that plays defense will have their eyes on #18 every where he goes. The AFC South would have been a little too much competition with a guy who is uncertain with himself. Miami didn't have a chance either. He'd have to play Tom Brady and that Jets defense twice a year.

He would have hindered the growth of Jake Locker. Honestly if Peyton does return healthy the man is old and only has about 3-4 good seasons left anyway. So, in turn you keep a first round selection on the bench to learn absolutely nothing? The reason I say to learn nothing is because had Peyton been teaching, when he was out all of last year, his back-up would have known what to do. They would have been more competitive. It's not that Peyton was the team, because he's that good because if that was so there would be no need for the other ten guys on offense. It looked that way because he kept his information to himself and did not help the team.

My last reason is because if Peyton was healthy and he was coming back to play at the same form he was at before the injury, don't you think the Colts would have kept him? (He was already under contract) Just how other teams where taking a chance on what they didn't know that's what the Colts are doing so as well. Andrew Luck in their minds gives them a better chance to win than Peyton? The only way they can come to that idea is because they know he is not what he used to be.

At the end of the day the best thing that could have happened for the Titans did. They didn't get Peyton Manning. They didn't get a "What If?", they didn't get a 92 million dollar injured reserve player, and they didn't get something they didn't know.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Do the Titans Need In the Draft?

Every year football fans gather around their televisions to see how their team will improve its roster. Many will be disappointed with their team's choice while others will rejoice at a potential revamping of a bad season. From the biggest event to figure out absolutely nothing (NFL Combine) to the closest thing you can get to hearing "touchdown" in April will be the draft.

Last season the Titans took Jake Locker with the 8th overall selection. He has shown promise but so did the last #10. We won't really know how good he is until he holds a Lombardi trophy over his head.

The Titans need help on defense. The Titans need help on defense. That isn't a typo I just cannot stress that enough. The team ranked 18th in total defense, 24th in run defense, 14th in pass, but was in the leauge's top 10 in fewst points allowed. The team truly had a "bend but don't break" mentality last season. That needs to change on a team that the leading sack leader was a rookie(Klug with 7) and Jason McCorty lead the team in interceptions with only two.

The Titans don't need any help on offense, at least not to waste a high pick. Kenny Britt had a good season until his injury and I'd expect him to have a great season. He is one of the better receivers in the game that people don't know about. If you don't beleive me check his stats. Jared Cook had a beast breakout year and teams will have a hard time matchin his speed ;only Vernon Davis of the 49ers has run a faster 40-yard-dash at the TE position. With all the peices of the offense together on the feild at the same time they should put up points. (Oh, almost forgot) CJ2K will have to come with his "A++" game this season. After that holdout and then barely crack 1,000 yards on the season, I definetly expect a great season from him.

So, the glaring holes are in the defensive line and the secondary. The Titans have made it clear they don't want(but they need) the services of Cortland Finnegan. but there are not any d-backs that should be taken with the 20th overall selection in my opinion. With that being said there are two DEs that should be available at that pick: Whitney Mercilus and Nick Perry.

Whitney Mercilus is a big 260-pound guy that at times showed some speed around the corner. He ran a 4.68 in the 40 and showed some decent explosion the only downfall is that he doesn't have that "it" factor.

Now, Nick Perry is a grown man that does not take plays off. Ran a 4.64 in the forty and benched 225 pound 35 times. It will be a push for the Titans to take him, but if I made the decisions I would takem him in a second. He has a motor similar to Dave Ball. He just continues to fly to the ball.

But you take a look and see what you think........

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peyton Could Return to the Volunteer State

We all know this too well: The Titans can not win the division because the guy who once saved this state, was determined to destroy it. But now it seems that Bud Adams wants to go after this guy(what?) and said he would be disappointed if Peyton did not become a Titan.

Now, I only have one good memory of Peyton since he has been a Colt, and that came when Rob Bironas kicked a historic 60-yard-feild-goal to win the game in regulation at home. In that moment it felt good as a fan to have finally beat the unbeatable Colts in such a storybook ending.

Now with all that has happened in the last month there is a realistic chance that Peyton could return to the state of Tennessee. I always felt that with a player like Peyton it is better to beat them, than to join them. In this situation, however I would be happy to have him on our team for many reasons. (I don't want to hear it because we all know if Lebron went back to Cleveland they would do the same)

Jake Locker is still the future of the TennesseeTitans, but who would be a better person to play behind and learn from than Peyton Manning. Aaron Rogers was a first round draft pick and played behind Favre for a good while and now he is a Super Bowl winning QB. Steve Young did the same with Joe Montanna, so why not bring a situation like that to LP Field?

Kenny Britt may have to give up his #18 jersey but I think he won't mind. Kenny Britt is one of the more dynamic receivers in the NFL. However, injuries have hurt his performance. If you don't think what I'm saying is true go back the last two seasons and look at his stats up to when he was injured. There are no concerns of it lingering because he has come back from both of them and put up great numbers. Nate Washington is the speedy receiver and a great way to strech the feild. He also put up good numbers last year. Jared Cook is one of the great young TE's in the leauge that had a breakout year. Finally, Chris Johnson almost has to have a GREAT season to justify that contract he signed last season. Last year he will get a pass because he missed all of training camp and pre-season, but this year 1500 yards will be expected of CJ2K.

The O-line has been one of the best in the last years and assuming Peyton returns to what he was; he will have more than enough time. Also, with the run game expected to get better it should all fair well.

I do expect the former Vol to become a Titans. Now the only issue is how Peyton will play outdoors?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cortland Finnegan Out; Stop being CHEAP

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Tennessee Titans have chosen not to use their franchise tag on Cortland Finnegan. There where some contract discussions before the start of this season, but those talks were overshadowed by Chris Johnson.

Now the Titans have not offered him a decent contract offer(nor do they with any other player). Honestly, I think if anyone on the Titan's roster deserves to be paid its Cortland. You have a player that brings intensity to the feild and NEVER takes a play off. Who do the Titans think they will get to replace him?(seriously because I cannot think of anyone in free angency) He was one of the only bright spots in that secondary for a while now and they let him walk? A seventh-round pick that made his place in the league. As well as being undersized(whatever that means) he is a Pro Bowler and at some points can take away a side of the feild from the opponet.

Not to mention the work he has done in the community. The man has received the team's Community Man of the Year award twice. He may be intense on the feild but never has he done anything off-the-feild to bring shame to the Titan's organization. The on-the-feild issues he has been involved in are water under the bridge to anyone who has played the game at a small size. Bigger players see your size and assume you are weak. Playing at 5-10 188 against players with 5 inches of height and 100 pounds on you...you have to go 110 MPH to stay off a cart, so I don't blame Cortland for any of those incidents.

What my real question is and it is one that is hard for me to break down, and maybe someone can help me with this. A player who shows up for work everyday, is a true team player, does honest work for the community, and happens to be a better than decent player should be re-signed because a person's character is their value right? Or do we need to free up some more cap space?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


To all the Tennessee Titans fans I want to introduce something that will give us all an opprotunity to voice how we feel about our team. Starting very soon, I will begin making post about the upcoming draft and it will carry on hopefully until the Super Bowl. This is serving only as a way to inform everyone who wants to be involved. So, hopefully this can be an outlet for us "Monday Morning Quarterbacks." Stay posted for my upcoming remarks about the draft...until then V2U.